Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The Pulpitum

Having done all the weeks of work, I end up with the most dreadful photographs of my work. I'll need to get it scanned in professionally (giclée). But, in the meantime, to give you the idea I attach a few views. This is a massive drawing by pen & Ink standards, measuring 24 inches by 16 inches (on 350 gsm cartridge paper)

It is of the Pulpitum in St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire West Wales. The pulpitum is the term given to a large (usually stone) screen that divides the choir stalls from the naive of a church. Note the organ above the screen.

                                                The Pulpitum                   John Simlett
       Pen & Ink
     on 350gsm Cartridge Paper
24 inch x 16 inch (61cm x 41cm)


  1. Fabulous! What a gorgeous Drawing. Hugs, Valerie

  2. So much detail, and I love the sunrays! Great to see the size of the drawing in the second photo.

  3. Another stunning piece of work, John. Congratulations. On the theme of "Pulpitums, Rood Screens, Jubés, etc", I will send you a Link which I think you will find of great interest.

    Great Pen and Ink Work of Art.



  4. Absolutely stunning John. You have no idea how much I wish I could 'zoom in' and study every single pen mark. I've always marvelled at your precision but I'm becoming increasingly in awe of your tonal control. Brilliant, brilliant work. ;-)