Thursday 29 June 2023

Ave Des Gobelins


Just as you thought you'd seen the back of me ........

I always get pulled back to my roots, and a building often needs to be drawn. This one caught me .... the ink is still wet.

Number 2 the Avenue of Goblins Paris - as it looked in 1904



  1. Good Afternoon, John.

    Lovely to see another one of your outstanding creations.

    Thank You very much.

    It does look remarkably like Zephyrinus's Bathroom Balcony !!! You haven't been peeping, have you ?

  2. Hello David

    Just passing through a calm between courses. Hope to start MA Naval History in Sept. Life never slows.

  3. Here you are!!! By the sounds of it you're only coming up for air but it's great to see you post again. In my opinion, no one does pen and ink architecture better than you and this is another superb drawing. Great work!!