Monday, 21 August 2017

Getting there!!

Well it's been months since I posted on here, but I'm sort of getting there now. Started on some still-life stuff, but at this pace could be some time yet.

   I'm also writing my autobiography, and family far & wide are sending me all sorts of mementos they have about my life.

      I had forgotten drawing these two in 1982 of the F4 Phantom; I was a Combat Operations Officer (a 'Seagull') with them in Germany 1979 - 1983. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Turbulent Air

My only claim is that the painting is far better than the photograph ... nevertheless, I don't really care as this one is all about me having fun.

The pose is made up from lots of different photographs. The tights are based on Freddie Mercury's (Queen). The sleeves from an imagine I remember from a pack (deck) of cards. The hat and mask are from memory of items I vaguely remember.

                                                      Turbulent Air                                John Simlett
Acrylic on Cotton Canvas
39 x 19 inches
(100 x 50 cms)
I had this imagine in my mind of the air on stage being still until this dancer changed it into turbulence. Where he has been the air is turbulent whilst the unsuspecting air on his left is still calm.

The problem with a large painting, is that so much detail vanishes in the photograph, and many shades of red aren't really visible. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

Giselle Completed ....Again!

Still not where I want to be with oils yet , but still ... I think I'm getting there. I painted on a Burnt Sierra ground to warm up her finish  - which is why she looked like a redhead for a time. 

When I have been painting 'blondes' in the past I have tended to use a light-coloured background and then found myself having to warm up a pale face. 

                                                            'Giselle'                                        John Simlett
Oil on Stretched Cotton Canvas
31 x 23.5 inches
(79 x 60 cms)

Giselle is one of those rare creatures that has naturally blonde hair and deep brown eyes (Italian great grandmother), and I think that allows the Burnt Sierra to glow through. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017


One of my poems was accepted into an International Poetry Competition today - the result published in May.

Not sure how it will come out here, it's okay in 'Word' but gets temperamental when posted elsewhere.




                                                                    I like flags.
                                                                              a  Set
                                                           fore  Sails
                                                     sail  is    Flapping
                                               not for sale  In the wind.
                                           you  may find   Makes one think
                                       that you need it    Of  flying far off like
                                    rather badly in a    Some Albatross set free
                                 wind or in a gale       From land and those grassy ties
        I                    and  without it  find      That shore can bring, although I do
           do      others quickly up your tail    Like being a landlocked Shipwright it's part
                 like                                            of
                       boatbuilding it's                  my                                                      
                           such a large part of my life. I love the smell of the wood as I cut and plane it.
                              Listen to the music of the parts that go to make a boat, each such poetry:
                                      tumblehome and transom; hog and hogson; apron and the thwart                
                                           gutter and garboard strakes of planking: clinker & hard chine
                                                       but alas, without a keel,
                                                              where would we be?
                                                                   capsized and upside
                                                                       down, swimming
                                                                               deep beneath
                                                                                          the sea.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Giselle Again - A Work In Progress

My best friend granddaughter, Giselle, continues to be my favourite (favorite) model.

Oil on stretched canvas 31 x 24 inches 

I have another in progress that I feel might surprise y'all.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Boat Club

I haven't any paintings to show at the moment, but I have so many painting projects in the planning stage that I'm very excited .... however ... we went to a place called Parrog today (5 miles away) ... so ... look out for seascapes in the future.

Parrog is a small village which is part of  the town of Newport, Pembrokeshire. Now when I tell you that Newport has a population of only 1200, you can imagine that Parrog is tiny.

We went to Parrog to join the Newport Boat Club:

Newport Boat Club, Parrog, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

It was a wet and windy day and all the boats are laid-up for winter. Here's a more popular seasonal picture:

You can see the potential for paintings already can't you?

We joined the club - a cosy little place we will be using a lot once I've finished building Seagull

Seagull - The  Wooden Maine Lobster Boat I'm building 

I had a look around for launching slips and there are lots of them. This one looked the most likely one, for two reasons:

Firstly, it's adjacent to the Boat Club Car Park and secondly, it is next to the lovely little restaurant which you can see on the left, in yellow. Best Crab Bake Pat has ever tasted.

My daughter and her dog Blodwyn sniffed-out a second slip behind the Boat Club:

Looks like lots of fun ahead ... I like the idea of painting from a boat!