Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I've Been Framed

I went to Sheffield with Pat today, to see the new Printer/Framers. We had never been there before and they took some finding. The shop front looked great but the inside was better, it was strictly 'Layman hostile' but Artist friendly. No smoked glass, chrome and thick carpets but more workshop. They had kept all their investment for the equipment ...totally impressive. They talked the talk, no smart sales staff.

They've kept all my 'stuff' and I'm having a lot of work from them: Some total framing ...some scanned/printed/ mounted/ backed & bagged (SPMBB for short).

Incredibly cheap. For example: York Minster - 42 cmms x 42 cms (16.5" x 16.5")  to be SPMBB with the opening of the mounting lined in black & veed = £6.30 ($10-08).

I'm having 5 originals framed. The second I get visuals I'll let you have a look.

As I have no drawings to show ... I'll treat you to my three eldest granddaughters.

Here they are with Pat (1994/5). Left to Right: Lauren, Pat, Giselle and Jade.  Lauren and Jade are my eldest son's daughters; Giselle is my daughter's ...and Giselle is also my best friend!

Giselle, Jade & Lauren
Jade and Giselle were a bit manic, Lauren more serious.

Jade graduated and had her master's by the age of 22 - a Forensic Psychologist and University Supervisor of post grads at 27.

Lauren graduated from Cambridge, in Law.

The Writer - Giselle BA(Hons) We have started a second degree together (groan).

Giselle and I are very serious about our working together ...and are NOT! ... as nutty as fruit-cakes!


  1. Great to see your family, John! As I was scrolling down, reading your post and looking at your lovely granddaughters, I was hoping to see a picture of you, and I was not disappointed. What a wonderful photo! :)

  2. Aww I love this! Great share. It's always great to see a photo/face to the blog. :)

    As well, I totally understand what you mean by straight shop talk: no bull crap sales pitches or sales staff trying to be falsely charismatic to get you to buy stuff when you go to these printers or types of places. So glad this place seems amazing and legit to work with. It's nice to work with a company you can respect who handle your work properly. And it does seem the prices are great-super cheap!

  3. What a wonderful post! I loved putting the faces to the names. What a gorgeous and loving family you have! Thanks so much for sharing :0))

  4. Dear John,
    what a pleasure to meet you tonight, and your beautiful family!
    The blog is also nice for this.
    The love and the good atmosphere that I see from these pictures
    is something that is good for the heart! CONGRATULATIONS
    to all of you!

  5. I have a feeling you are as nutty as a fruitcake. You strike me as a guy who likes to laugh. Keep laughing. It's the elixir of life. Your family is spectacularly beautiful. You are surrounded by women who look like they know what's up. Poor man, but I suspect you're up to them.

    I can't believe those prices. Finding the right guys to do the work you want for the price you want is everything in business. Worth whatever time it takes. You know what you're doing. Cheers and all the best.

  6. What a lovely, and yes..nutty as a fruitcake, family you have. :)) Fun to see the photos. I am so happy you added the Dollar price so we over the pond can know what they cost. Very inexpensive for sure. We need them here!!!

  7. Loved seeing the photos of you and your amazingly beautiful and accomplished grandaughters. In addition to being nutty as a fruitcake and a vessel of overflowing literary and artistic abilities, you must also be bursting with pride!

  8. John. I loved this peek at your family. Your grand-daughters are certainly bright and accomplished - you must be very proud. As for you and Giselle ... what can I say. I think the last photo says it all. :)

  9. It's wonderful to see you're surrounded by so many beautiful women. You're a lucky man!

  10. good golly, what an accomplished lot you all are! You have to be very proud. Gorgeous too! Thanks for the frame update, I can't wait to see how it all looks. Thanks for the look at your family....very sweet (especially that final photo!)

  11. what beautiful and intelligent granddaughters you have John! No wonder you're such a proud granddad!

  12. Congratulations John for your wonderful family, you are a fantastic grandfather! Ciao!

  13. Congratulations John, your work is outstanding. Your family beautiful. God Bless.

    All the best to you,

  14. Gosh, John, how proud you must be!!!! You have a beautiful family and glad you posted a picture of yourself...Nice to meet you!!!...