Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Tornadoes in Wales?

Normal service will be resumed in this blog, when storm-torn West Wales returns to normality.

There are times when a house named 'Highview' becomes a very noisy place!

In other incidents caused by the weather conditions on Wednesday:

First there was the frostquake. Then the firenado. Now another weather-related portmanteau has seized the headlines. Thundersnow has been reported in parts of Cornwall, South Wales, Tayside and Teesside. It sounds dramatic. What does it entail?
Basically, it is the same as a thunderstorm, except that snow falls instead of rain. It occurs when the atmosphere is unstable and the layer of air closest to the ground is cold enough to create snow, but still warmer than the air above it. "In this instance, the heating is coming from the sea which is still quite warm," says BBC weather presenter John Hammond. As the warm air rises, water droplets condense to form cumulonimbus clouds. Lightning occurs when these rub against each other, and thunder is the sound of the lightning.


  1. The weather reads frightful, but this photograph is delightful, the stuff of a charming painting--after things quiet down. Welcome to winter in Wales! Reads like winter in Michigan.

  2. That is horrible, John! I hope you and the family are alright. Your weather sounds like the movie "The Day after Tomorrow".

  3. Two Mobile Phones on you, at all times (properly charged up, of course). Three pens (all working) plus two small notebooks in back pocket. Two torches (with batteries) in car at all times, plus blankets, Hi-Viz Vests (plenty). Two Snow Shovels and Snow Chains in boot (trunk) of car. Warm clothing and stout footwear, also. Other than that, keep your head down, John. Happy New Year, Christmas and Epiphany-tide to you and the family. Spring is on the way.

  4. Hope everything is well with you and the family, John... Thinking of you!!!

  5. Thanks for popping by John. Yes it has been too long.

    The weather sounds awful. Stay warm and take great photos inbetween producing your lovely drawings.

  6. The photo could be a wonderful painting. Love it.
    Quite a dramatic weather pattern. I bet it made you feel well and truly alive and on your toes. That is when you remind yourself how long your house has been around and survived before.