Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Painting #50

Nothing special, just a quick still-life to get me back on my feet after the 'flu.

The only comment I have to make is that, fifty paintings ago I would never have dreamt of doing a quick still-life as an exercise to get me painting again; progress is being made.

                                   Still Life            John Simlett
Acrylic on Stretched
 Cotton Canvas
14 x 10 inches
What is of more interest is that we went back to that Country House Hotel in Wiltshire for a few days (See earlier posting) and took photographs of the drawings on the walls of the old place.

Just to remind you: my wife, Pat, saw some drawings and called me, saying they looked like mine. We then looked at the name of the artist ... which we thought was mine for a while. Here they are:


  1. Hi John,
    I am happy to see you took some photos of the other John Simlett's work. Interesting - very detailed architectural renderings ... like yours. And that is a super warm-up painting!!!
    Very glad to read you are over that nasty flu!!! Take care - I hear it likes to make several returns. Be well!
    Kathryn XX

  2. Oh my gosh... Are they you drawings??? What are the chances! Amazing! As for the 'quick' still life... I should do more Alla Prima painting like this. It's superb! :0)

  3. Unless you are hiding something from us, John, this can't be you. If so, what is your secret for longevity??? LoL Makes me wonder if you were reborn? That said, these drawings aren't quite as precise as your work, I don't think. Love the still that a cup of tea?

  4. Crimson said what I was going to say. The bottom. Drawing, a lithograph perhaps, has a Can Gogh brush stroke feel to it. Rougher than your drawing style. So? Did doing la vie mort do it for you? Are you back at the easel? It's a nice start in that direction.

  5. Perhaps you are related and sharing the same artistic genes?! Glad to hear you won your battle with the flu and are back to the easel. Lovely still life and quite awesome that it is only painting # 50 - progress at the speed of light!

  6. That must have been you in a past life! A wonderful still life, John, great reflections!

  7. Your "quick still life" is obviously great medicine - must be the excellent reflections of light pouring new life into you - and into me just for seeing a snap shot of it! Keep going, my friend!

  8. Many of us are having flu nowadays it seems like. Glad you´re back on your feet again! Nice still life you´ve made there :)

  9. a little spooky that those drawings/etchings look so like yours...even the signature! Great job on the still life!

  10. John, do you think that could have been you in another time. So sorry you are down with the flu. But glad you rallied and did a splendid job on your still life. Well done John.

  11. 50 paintings already. It doesn't seem 5 minutes since you were talking about the possibilities of doing your first, now look at you. Yes, progress is definitely being made .... big time. ;-)

    This is another great painting John and I'm glad you're over the flu. ;-)

  12. In this short sketching time converged everything you've done, as experience, in the first 49 works!
    Thrilling time when hands start to work according to a new logic, doing spontaneous what you already know.
    Congratulations on results of your painter journey, so brilliant!

  13. Hi John - hope you are feeling better. Flu can knock your socks off...though I always think of you as invincible.
    Love your still life - particularly the way you painted the orange. Quite marvelous.