Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Don't look now but ....!

I'm finally doing a painting - a portrait in fact of my nephew-in-law's dad. To make it more interesting he is an Arab, and dressed in traditional costume. As the reference photograph is rather old and in mono, I shall paint the portrait in black & white ... which kinda makes it a bit more of a challenge.

As the boat I'm building is starting to look like a boat, and launch day becomes a real event rather than a vague dream..

The Seagull  the 15 foot wooden Maine Lobster Boat I'm building
...Pat thought I should learn how to 'sail' one and so she's signed me up for a course with the Royal Yacht Association for two days of power-boat training.

Lots of interesting places along this coast line to take a boat into for a quiet picnic. Here's a touch of the local area:


  1. WOW!!!!! Your boat is so impressive John! I can't believe the patience one needs to have to complete this! I can't wait for the finished product and maybe a photo of you in it! I can't wait to see your portrait John! I can only imagine how beautiful it will be especially that he has a costume on!!!!! Love these photos....I wish I was there right now!!!!

    1. Thanks Hilda, this boat seems to be taking forever.

  2. Looks beautyful your boat. ☺ I am thinking about the keel. How will you stuck it to the boat?