Friday, 2 February 2018

Logan's Light - Finished

Tried a lot of experimentation with this one (a) Painting it almost mono although I used burnt umber glazes to soften edges and give the suggestion of a secondary light source - top left. (b) No eyes - and I always make them the key point of a portrait ... similarly the hair.

                                                                Logan's Light                                             John Simlett
27 x 19.5 inches
Oil on stretched Italian linen

The photography does no favours (favors).

I tried to soften everything except the two focal points, the light and the face.

Given the degree of difficulty I'm reasonably pleased. As always seeing it full size is best. 


  1. Amazing painting, John! Wow!

  2. Wonderful illumination, John. I see blood, sweat and tears going into this one. Children are such wonderful subjects. Blessings!

  3. Very nice and interesting painting !!!

  4. This is SO good John!! And unique! Keep them coming!!!!

  5. What a moving painting and form. Greetings.