Sunday, 4 March 2018

Blast From The Past

                              Rechteren Castle, Holland     John Simlett

Pen & Ink on 350 gsm paper
11 inch x 9 inch
(280 mm x 230 mm)

I drew this picture 38 years ago and it was the fourth drawing I had ever done in my life, outside of Geometric and Engineering drawing. It was a significant drawing insofar as it indicated to me, and others, that perhaps I should take it all a little bit more seriously. It was then, this drawing that 'sorted me out.'

At the moment I need 'sorting-out' once again. For many reasons, not least that my wife is physically disabled, I am unable to get continuity in anything I do. When I do get free time, I seem to be unable to focus long enough to carry a project to a conclusion. Half-finished paintings litter the studio.

As a solution I am undertaking another pen and ink drawing of some complexity. I haven't drawn for ages as I got seduced by painting - and the influence of many of the painters you may see in my 'Blog Roll.' A drawing, therefore, will be a complete change.

Pen & Ink, as you probably know, is very unforgiving: there is no way back from a mistake. Focus and discipline have to be continuous and I think that is what will 'sort me out'. We'll see.



  1. Your drawing is fantastic, and I am looking forward to seeing what you do this time. Stay with it! Valerie

  2. Good to see an older drawing again! Looking forward to your new one, and I hope your wife gets well soon!

    1. Thank you, Judy. We bought her a mobility-scooter and I've said she can tow the boat with it!!

  3. I could look at this picture all day long. The amount of detail is superb and the penmanship is, as always, out of this world. These are the sort of pictures that inspire me to try and do better. It is hard to appreciate that this was only your 4th drawing as it is so accomplished. Looking forward to seeing what your next masterpiece will be and I do hope it 'sorts you out' as you hope.

  4. Your drawing is awesome and I must say you are most talented. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your wife. I read above that you got her a scooter and I hope she enjoys it and doesn't run over your toes. Be blessed!

  5. Bonjour cher ami,

    Je vous remercie pour votre adorable message. Je reviens sur votre dessin, il est sublime. Quel travail de précision ! j'apprécie. Mes félicitations.

    Gros bisous 💐

  6. And what a blast from the past John!!!! This is an amazing drawing and I'm so happy you're sharing it with us. I'm SO sorry your wife is not well..... Thoughts and prayers going your way.