Saturday, 25 February 2012


My third  granddaughter, Giselle, was very young when she became my best friend. It happened suddenly: a look came across her face that seemed to suggest that she had discovered the meaning of life.
"We're Makers," she announced.
And she was right. It's as if there are only two types of people in the world: those that make things and those that do not.
It seems to Giselle and me that although you can subdivide 'makers' into, artists, chefs, blacksmiths and candlestick makers ... we all make things!
From that moment on, we began to work. or rather to make things, together.
By the time she was 10 - she could saw wood, in a straight line, and had all skills of a project manager.
By the time she was 14 - we wrote plays together and saw them performed on stage.
By the time she was 16 - bad health stopped her education in its tracks.
By the time she was 16 and a little bit - we started home education and I became her tutor.
In six months time, she will be 21 and graduate from university with an Honours Degree in Creative Writing.

In her words, "When I came to work with you, Grandpa, I was a naive young girl. When you'd finished educating me I was a grumpy old man!"   Woo Hoo!

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