Monday, 6 February 2012

It's a Long Time Since I Last Blogged

The last time I blogged was in about 2006, at least it was sometime before the Beijing Olympics 2008. I know that much for sure, because my University asked me to write a blog concerning the Olympics .

Why did they ask me?- Good Question ... why me? I didn't even know what a blog was ... I was a 68 years old postgraduate student  (Criminology) ... OK, so I was a late starter, but whose counting?

"Because you are an EXPERT," they said!

Not an athletic 'expert', you should understand, nor even an academic 'expert'  ... but I was the only Shipwright they had!

"But hang on," I argued, "I was a shipwright apprentice from the age of 15 to 21. Some considerable time ago." I'd had a few careers since being an 'Artisan.' I'd been an 'Aviator,' an 'Artist,' an 'Analyst,' an 'Author,' and an 'Academic' (I'm trying the 'Bs' next)

"We need you."

My interest was aroused: what the heck did they want an out-of-date shipwright, to write about in the Olympics?

It seemed that there was a project for nine boats to be built: 3 Cornish Luggers in Cornwall, three Arab dhows in Bahrain and three junks in Beijing.

So many governments, big businesses and Universities involved. All 9 boats would come together for the Olympics and then would tour the world, championing Art, Education and Community. Blimey! I thought, big chance here to go with them - I could draw pictures, write and commentate whilst touring with them.

So I wrote and wrote and the blog really went well, pictures from all over the world. I wrote to my pal in Hong Kong asking for pictures of Chinese junks - yes it was me who invented Junk Mail.

Eight months in, and things began going quiet - I kept asking the project liaison people what was going on ... but one by one they slipped out of sight - beneath the waves of apathy - leaving me alone ... up the creek without a paddle, let alone someone who gave a bugger about a lugger ...

It all frizzled out without an explanation... and that was when I blogged off to do other things. I never have time to be bored.

Well! That's got this blog launched!