Monday, 19 March 2012

On the Subject of Sketching

I was talking to Sandra ( about her sketches. I said that I don't really do 'arty' sketches at all, but I always sketch the things I intent to make (as opposed to things I intend to draw). I call these sketches, ideas in disguise. You will see from the sketches I'm putting up, that they are often very heavily disguised. So I'm including photographs of what the sketches turned into, or at least, were a part of. I've been making four poster beds for each bedroom. Because this is a large old Victorian shambles of bricks we live in, the rooms often feel empty because of the height of the rooms, and four poster beds fill that vertical space nicely. In the nursery we needed something smaller, a half-tester. 

Mahogany Half-Tester.

 Okay, I don't know why it's called a half-tester ...but it is :0). Lot's of people raise an eyebrow when we say nursery for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the former occupant, my best friend and granddaughter, Giselle, is now 21! There is a certain ring of snobbery to the term nursery- some think - but when I tell them it is originally referred  to on the deeds of the house as, 'The Maid's room', they all say, 'Oh! Right!' :0)

I had a lot of mahogany I had bought over the years, so I started off by making the base and headboard
The base and headboard dovetail jointed together.

I then made the head-posts and canopy frame before making and fitting the drapes for the canopy 


  1. You are clearly a man of many talents John! I just LOVE old, Victorian houses and there is a certain romance to a four poster bed isn't there? There is something quite 'Princess' like about them! :0D

  2. I've been renovating this house for 23 years, Sandra ... don't think I will ever get it finished. The four posters are great to make.