Friday, 16 March 2012

Other People's Blogs

When I got back into business, selling my pictures, I thought I should surf the net to see what others were doing in the pen & ink world. To be honest, the standard didn't seem that high, but then I chanced on Now Melissa Tubbs pen and ink work is totally brilliant. I won't say any more, just use the link and judge for yourself.

I saw that Melissa had a number of followers and, as I have been away from blogging for years,I assumed they were all pen & ink artists. Wrong! I randomly selected one, Carrie Waller, and the world became technicolour.

Carrie is a fantastic painter just visit and wallow in the luxury of the colours.

Every Friday Carrie does a brilliant interview with an artist, where, besides discussing their artwork, she delves into their history, development etc's really well done and well worth marking in your diary.

This week Carrie interviewed  Sandra Busby who lives at .... and her work is fantastic..... can you see where this is going?

If I'm not careful I'm going to be a Groupie - is that the modern term? I'm 74 don't forget ... perhaps I should stick to being a fan.

Now you ought to go and see the 'Busby Bears' they really are wonderful.


  1. John, you are too kind! Thank you SO much!
    I just popped along to check out your own work and I am bowled over by it! Your intricate pen work is quite spectacular! Like you, I usually work in a very neat fashion. But, as you saw, I have recently been throwing some random and sometimes quite ridiculous sketches down in my sketchbook. I have found it to be quite fun and also liberating to let go - but just in between my serious painting time. I like being neat and particular - It's what comes naturally, so the sketches really do go against my nature! The buildings you do are incredible! How long do you spend on them? I must also say, welcome back to the land of blog - and I am honored to be your first follower :0)

    1. Thank you, Sandra ... the honour is all mine :0)

  2. Hi John, Thanks for including me in your post:) So lovely to stumble across this! So funny that you commented on my use of color. When I first started out I was afraid of it, painted in sepia for a while. I enjoy your comments and am thrilled to have you as blogging buddy:)

  3. No,I should be thanking YOU, Carrie for providing such a lively and interesting blog ;0)) I drew in sepia once, but realised that it didn't really matter what colour ink I used, as the printer can print them any colour I choose... and I sell far more prints than originals. A lot of the work (prints) that I produced in Germany got bought up by the USAF down there in S. Germany ...Ramstein. It's nice to be amongst artists again ... it's usually writers!

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