Thursday, 5 April 2012

Funny Old Week!

When I was a kid we had a weather 'thingy': when it was sunny, a lady moved out of the left hand door. When it rained, the lady moved back indoors and a sad little old man emerged...

                               ...that's the sort of week I've had.
If I were to replace the little lady/ old man, then I would replace them with replicas of the first two people to fly in Britain. Vincento Lunardi and James Tytler. 
Vincento Lunardi

James Tytler

I mentioned that I'm preparing a self-illustrated biography of the pair. They are almost laterally inverted (mirror images)...  total opposites of each other.

That's the sort of week I've had - extremes.

TYTLER MOMENT:I've had trouble writing very much (the muse is still in hibernation)

LUNARDI MOMENT ... and then I found out that I had been 'long listed' in a memoir competition. I was really pleased because I only found out about the competition, 24 hours before the deadline (last November). It was international with over 10,000 entries, so coming in the top 100 after just cobbling a piece together is rewarding.

TYTLER: I'm trying to get back into 'proper' drawing after a lay-off of a few years. I have taken on an incredible challenge, drawing the 'Moorish Archway  - Toledo'. 
      At the moment, I am doing the drawing - when the pen takes over (the same in writing) from me then I know I'm 'back'. 
      The Archway is a jumble of rocks, bricks, steps, shadows with hardly a straight line in sight. I generally go for more elegant subjects like this Adams Fireplace

LUNARDI: The final half an hour today ... I suddenly realised that the pen was working independently ... can it rescue a pretty below average start? Let's hope the pen gets airborne tomorrow.


  1. The fireplace is magnificent! Amazing detail, very elegant! I remember those weather 'thingy's', we had one too. I don't know if they still exist. Good luck with your 'extremes', John! :)

  2. Thanks, Judy. I suppose they had a name :0) I shall just keep going ... practice is what's needed, as always.

    The fire place, the room and the building (in London) were all destroyed (1939 - 1945 War)

  3. John, your Adams fireplace is magnificent. I look forward to seeing the Moorish Archway [May your pen fly like a bird!] As for the weather house people, I feel like them most of the time! :( :)

  4. Thank you, Kathryn. The archway is currently like the 'Curate's Egg' ... Good in parts!

    Oh! I do hope you aren't feeling under the weather very often ... and that the sun shines on you ;0) [May your Geese lay Golden Eggs}.

    Thanks for dropping in :0)

  5. I have no doubt at all that now the pen feels like it has taken over, it will all begin to come together nicely. I feel the same when my brush takes over my painting - It doesn't seem to have happened with the latest bear... But that's another story.
    Long-listed indeed... Congratulations on being SHORT-listed out of all of those ten thousand people! :0)

  6. I'm sure you're right, Sandra ... but will it rescue what went ahead :0)? I'm not sure how tall you haver to be to get on the short list ... thanks any way:0) on Funny Old Week!

  7. I ran into you at Studio on The Farm and I'm glad I did. I loved that little old lady and that little old man who came in and went out with the weather! I also adore architectural drawing of mouldings and carvings and facias and whatnot. I did that type of drawing for a living. Now, I've put away my Rapidiograph pens and I'm loosening up. When the pens take over, when the brushes have a mind-of-their-own, that a time to rejoice. I'll be back John.

  8. Linda, how kind you are. I shall follow your blog seeking inspiration, motivation and enjoyment.

    I am moving back towards the rejoicement zone ... but not quite there yet. I guess it all centres on restoring self-confidence.

    I've finally posted the Archway - still not sure if it works.