Saturday, 17 September 2016

First Husband

It's our Wedding Anniversary on the 19th. Despite being married 57 years, Pat still introduces me as her First husband... says it keeps me on my toes!!

Yes, we got married in the 1950s (just, by three months). The first dinner we sat down to eat together was on an old steam train; but of course they weren't old in those days, and all trains were steam.

In the dining compartment it was all a bit daunting to a young shipwright and his new wife... 

          ... for here there was more cutlery at each
 place-setting than we had in total at home.

   There was a lady sharing our table and we decided to follow her lead ... as she looked a bit posh. 
 The first course was soup.
 She picked up a spoon, and so did we. 
 She took a spoonful of soup, and so did we.
 She slurped the soup noisily, and so did we ... at which point we both burst out laughing! The die-was-cast: we've done things our way ever since.

Tomorrow, I have reserved lunch for two on an old steam train on the now restored Gwili Railway (railroad) about an hour from here.

On our Anniversary, on Monday, we are off to the Southampton Boat Show for two days ... should be great fun 


  1. LOL - Pat is great. In America we may be getting a FIRST HUSBAND to join you.
    My husband is my second one and he always introduces himself as Julie's LAST husband!
    Many congratulations and I really like the romantic gesture of lunch on a steam train.
    PS... In Manchester we hung our clothes on the line "inside out" so the soot from the trains and fires would be on the inside!!! Before smokeless zones.

    1. Ha ha, like the last husband bit! Thank you for you good wishes. You're mother told you about smokeless zones? ;)

    2. mother...oh yes - right, o' gallant one!

  2. BIG congratulations on your anniversary, have a fun celebration on the train, and enjoy the boat show, too. Love the wedding photo. All the best, Valerie

  3. Thank you for your kind message, Valerie.

  4. Congratulations, John! Very romantic to celebrate on a steam train tomorrow. Have fun!

  5. Many Congratulations, John, to you and Pat on your Anniversary.

    Ad Multos Annos !!!

  6. Good Anniversary,congratulations! I laugh for Pat verve introducing you,dear John!!! You all are a wonderful family and I wish all the best for every member!!!