Monday, 19 September 2016

Imogen 5 - Complete

As a portrait I'd rate this 3 out of 10. The likeness is poor and too many features are wrong(ish). This isn't false modesty, rather, it is a practical assessment.

                                      Imogen                           John Simlett

14 inch x 10 inch Oil on Canvas

Having said all that, I am happy with the painting as a stepping-stone. I've never painted in oils before and the whole purpose of Imogen is to learn the techniques. My errors, and lack of attention to detail - because I ran out of patience -  are acceptable, as I now feel confident to move onto the next stage:  Grace.

Grace is a very young subject with a very difficult auburn hair and associated complexion.  Should be fun.

I'm purposely choosing 'girlish-complexions,' to really test myself, as I prefer to paint more rugged subjects.   


  1. I think she's turned out very well, and her complexion looks great! Have fun with your painting. Valerie

  2. Every portrait is a new challenge and though we might get close, there's always something we could have done better. Just saying. Relax and enjoy the quest.

  3. For a first portrait in oils, this one is simply incredible. I wish I could show you my first oil portrait attempt - you would have the giggles for a week. Nice work, John and I really do like how you have positioned her face on the canvas - very compelling.

  4. The highlights in her eyes and on her lips make this a very beautiful portrait, John.