Thursday, 1 December 2016

Greetings Cards

I'm not an excessively PC type of person, but I don't send Christmas Cards to non-Christians. Not because it would offend them but because it seems inappropriate. By the same virtue, Muslim and Jews in my family don't send me Ramadan or Bar Mitzvah cards.

My way around all situations is to get my own cards printed and write in the appropriate message and/or greeting.

This year I've used my pen and ink drawing of the North Portal of Cologne Cathedral for the card, which is a risk as it has to be reduced from an original that I drew of 20 inches high and 11 wide. 

I was quite pleased with it the product, including the logo on the back.

My logo comes from my original Pen & Ink drawing of Vincento Lunardi who was the first person to fly in England (not in Britain, as James Tyler beat him by a couple of weeks when he flew in Scotland).

One of my long term hobbies is the protracted writing of the biography of Vincento Lunardi and James Tytler (which I doubt if I will ever finish, but love doing). 

I 'got into' these two champions of flight when I was commissioned to design a set of Philatelic First Day Covers for the 1984 bicentenary of Flight in the UK.

Which was the only time my artwork was reproduced on silk


  1. Hello John!:) Your pen and ink drawing is beautifully executed, and is an excellent choice for a greeting card. The stamps are also well designed, and a credit to you. What an honour to get the commission, and I can see why your work is held in such high regard.:)

  2. Very interesting post today, love the card you have made. Don't worry, I won't be sending you a Bar Mitzvah card, you're a tad too old for that! Hugs, Valerie

  3. The cathedral drawing looks fabulous, John! I remember your post about Vincento Lunardi. I've been busy trying to print some Christmas cards myself.

  4. The Cologne Cathedral drawing is exquisite, John.

    Plus, I never knew you "Took Silk".

  5. What a great holiday card - and love your logo as well. You are so very talented, John, and in so many areas.

  6. Such nice drawings as allways. How you manage all the million details I don't understand.You are a master of beautyful details!