Saturday, 25 February 2017

Louise 4 - Nearly finished

Nearly finished -  she looks miserable, I will need to tweak a 'smile.'

I've shown a string of photos, as the closer you get to the canvas, the more the light bounces  back off it.

It's oil on stretched linen canvas (18" x 14").

It might help if she wore makeup, but she's more of the 'farm-girl,' happy living on a farm, and walking her Welsh sheepdog (Blodwyn) along the cliffs and shoreline.


  1. She looks lovely, John! But I agree she needs a smile, can't wait to see how you accomplish that.

  2. Great job John! I particularly like the eyes... :0)

  3. BLODWYN???? That sounds like an old Anglo-Saxon moniker :) He looks very cute - active and bright.
    John, I think your portrait is good. You have a very good framework for the facial structure. Please tell me if I am over-stepping ... I think you got lost in the grisaille. Perhaps if you could go over her skin tones with some livelier, brighter colors???