Friday, 17 February 2017

Max Completed

I had a lot of fun with this one. With a large 36 inch x 28 inch canvas there was plenty of room to cut-loose and splash paint around. I had lots of fun with the folds in the fabric where I went totally alla prima.

Because it didn't really have to be a good likeness, I just 'painted' totally relaxed and a good likeness just appeared.

When Max was younger he liked to be seen as an 'Emo' (?) and he has always tended slightly towards the 'Gothic'. Therefore I invented the idea of him clothed in a robe and painting in mono.

He tends to be a shy and very modest Australian (a contradiction in terms some may say) I needed to draw him out and capture the passion he shows when he's talking about his art. I did this by imagining his surprise when he sees this image of him in a non-existent robe.

                                                   MAX                              John Simlett
Oil on Stretched Canvas
36 x 28 inch
(91 x 71 cms)

 Needless to say the camera records the light thrown back from the medium and gives no idea of the size of the painting



  1. Another fantastic painting, you are working through the whole family? Happy Weekend, hugs, Valerie

  2. Really great job, John! Love his expression, the tilt of his mouth and the merriment in his eyes.