Monday 28 July 2014

Still Here!

I'm still around folk ... but only just!

We should move to West Wales in September, in the meantime I'm still hard at work, but no time for art until I'm established in Fishguard in the county of Pembrokeshire.

Nevertheless, some of the art I have produced since being on this blog is still doing its thing.

I'm still selling prints, and I have sold the original of the Lunardi Balloon to a gentleman in Oxfordshire, UK, which is unusual as most of my originals got to the US. My stuff seems to find favour (or should I say favor) rather well over there ... 

Every inch of my garden is now done, and I've only achieved that twice in 26 years.
The Main hedge was a monster - 15 bin liners of clippings.
Excellent company whilst doing it: butterflies, a few dragon flies, and millions of bees on the lavender bushes. At one end of the garden I have the thin robin for company whilst at the other is a fat one - never ever see them both at the same time. Not forgetting the grey squirrels who spend ages searching for - but never finding - their buried treasure.

No more wood pigeons or collar doves indicates the hawks are back nesting in the Castle.

The house and outbuildings are now all painted. The rooms that needed re-wallpapered are done.

The Outline Planning Permission (so much work and drawing of plans for that) for the side-land was received on Friday, and the land is up for auction on 28 Aug. 

We have a lovely couple who are hoping to buy the house.

All this effort has cost 2 stone (28 pounds 12kg) in weight and I feel fitter than I have in years ......... the reason for all this effort is in the video ... it's where we are going to live. 

You're all welcome to come and stay!