Tuesday 4 April 2017

Turbulent Air

My only claim is that the painting is far better than the photograph ... nevertheless, I don't really care as this one is all about me having fun.

The pose is made up from lots of different photographs. The tights are based on Freddie Mercury's (Queen). The sleeves from an imagine I remember from a pack (deck) of cards. The hat and mask are from memory of items I vaguely remember.

                                                      Turbulent Air                                John Simlett
Acrylic on Cotton Canvas
39 x 19 inches
(100 x 50 cms)
I had this imagine in my mind of the air on stage being still until this dancer changed it into turbulence. Where he has been the air is turbulent whilst the unsuspecting air on his left is still calm.

The problem with a large painting, is that so much detail vanishes in the photograph, and many shades of red aren't really visible.