Friday 18 March 2022

First Seascape

 This is more of a ‘study’ than a finished painting, which is why I used acrylics. I haven’t painted water, seascapes before.

Here’s what I take from it:

(1) It gives me a good starting position for the next seascape, I have learnt the basics of the technique.

(2)I need a flatter surface than cotton canvas which is too coarse for the finer detail. A flat board with a fine linen canvas glued to it and three coats of Gesso would take the detail in oils

Wednesday 2 March 2022



THE J & P AFTER LIFE   Adventure Stories


Adventure 1

Patsy’s …… M O N T A N A      A D V E N T U R E


As you can see, Patsy chose to go mountaineering in Montana …  the US State of the ‘Big Skies’ … for her first adventure. Naturally, the painting is called, ‘Patsy in Montana’.


I have included a separate photograph of me with the painting: to give you an idea of its size. It’s on a 30 x 40 inch Stretched Cotton Canvas and painted in oils.


This is my second ever Landscape, and I really enjoyed it.