Friday 20 November 2020

Now, Where Were We Before I got Interrupted?

 I haven't posted on here for two years ... life just got in the way.

I haven't been painting or drawing but I have been busy building my boat, Seagull, and lots of other things too. You might recall I built myself a workshop (see picture)

There are two doors into the workshop, the one on the left led into a small room for keeping our garden tools: a 'potting shed'. I decided that I want to build a boat in the workshop and needed all the space I could get, and so I removed the little room. I then built a 'potting shed' around the back of the workshop. It now has a door as well.

The Potting Shed was the first of my Covid 19 lockdown projects.

The second of my lockdown projects was to make a Welsh dresser in African Mahogany (Utile). First I designed it and worked out the materials I would need, and ordered them.

The materials arrived and I went to work.

The third of my lockdown projects was to design and make an extra wide Chest-of- Drawers to hold some of my artwork, also in African Mahogany (Utile).

In addition, I have to write two books: one on boatbuilding in the 1950s, and the other the story of the town I grew up in, that has all but vanished theses days but which began its days with the population living on the hulks of sailing ships.

If that wasn't enough, I have twelve months to produce 13 drawings - I'll keep you posted on them in here.

Finally, I want to build 'LoKo'!  LoKo is a wooden ocean-going  kayak, that my son wants for his birthday next August. It looks something like the picture below.

The kayak is named for my two Australian great grandsons, Logan and Koby:  LoKo