Saturday 29 January 2022

Trying to Stage a Comeback

 Hope you read this David Z.

I'm trying to get back into art after two + traumatic years. I started by reviewing my records:

I have a registry of my paintings which I was updating today and noticed that number 61 was blank. It drove me mad searching for which painting No 61could be. Then I remembered that I have this blog, and there it was: No 61’Vintage Steam Train’ Dec 2016. ……… It is unfinished!!


So why is an unfinished work registered as 61? Because I am a Virgo and need my art registered in date sequence so I can assess my progress.  


So why is it unfinished? Because life is short and I’m always champing-at-the-bit to get on with loads of other exciting projects … and I knew I could get back to all that smoke and steam later. The train was the exciting bit, the steam less so.


It’s a big canvas 80 x 60 cms (32 x 24 inches) …. I’ll have to finish now. 

Monday 17 January 2022


 My wife was very ill for two years, and I nursed her day and night.

She died on the 3rd November 2021. We had been married 62 years.

Not sure where life goes from here.