Sunday 24 December 2017


Nadolig hapus a blwyddyn newydd lewyrchus

Welsh For

 Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year

O Abergwaun

From Fishguard

Saturday 2 December 2017


We are coming to the end of a three-month vacation in Australia. To round it off we went for a short 3 day cruise on the Golden Princess.

The cabin was very nice with its own private balcony.

It's nice to see Australia does Christmas full-on. The UK seems intent on'PC ing' it out of existence
This was reflected in the ship.

There was an art gallery and some of the paintings are below. To my shame I have lost the name of the artists.

In the first one there seemed to be an illusion of shards of invisible colour shooting out to all four corners - it gave a feel of movement.

Can't wait to get back to painting. The break has awoken 'the engine'.