Thursday 22 January 2015

The Strangest of Things!!!!!

When we married, our niece Viv was only three years old and a baby. Next year she is Sixty, and still our little darling. She lives in Dubai, but is home in the UK for surgery and two weeks ago she had a new hip fitted. She is staying with us for about ten weeks whilst she recovers.

Two days ago we took her from West Wales to Wiltshire so that the medics could check her out. We stayed at a Beechfield House Hotel for a couple of days.

See this link for details Beechfield House.

Whilst we were there I had a look around all the various artwork on its walls. Wonderful! Then Pat called, "Come and look at these Pen and Ink drawings of trees, they look just like yours." 

   On closer inspection I could see they were prints from an etching, and that she was flattering me. 

They were quite big drawings and I spent ages looking at them, and noticed that they were produced in 1824. Then I saw the signature ..... J Simett ....a you may recall I am J Simlett. It took a comparison between the four drawings to confirm the spelling ... it felt very strange though!

I haven't had chance to do any research on him/her yet


  1. Wow, How cool is that. Hope you find something on the artist. We're you able to get any photos of the work? I Too have had hip surgery recently. Hope she's healing well.

  2. Very coincidental. Eerie too. Let us know what you find on the artist who could be a relative. Letters do get dropped over time.

  3. Hi John,
    Beechfield House looks gorgeous - you are so fortunate to be staying there! The story about the prints of the etchings is very eerie. I look forward to hearing what you find out about the artist ... perhaps a way-back-when relation!!
    I hope you are all doing well, and Viv is well on the mend after her surgery.

  4. Such a lovely place John. I am curious as well, keep us informed on your findings. Do hope all is well with Viv.