Monday 22 June 2015


TIME LIFE magazine did not mention the construction of my workshop (which is going really well) but it did have an article on my hero, WSC,  last month:

(AFTERTHOUGHT - Time Life should have said have said Great Britain and not England. Great Britain comprises England, Scotland and Wales; Churchill was Prime Minster of Great Britain)

"Churchill would, of course, ultimately help lead England to a brutally fought, costly victory over the Axis Powers in World War II. But in the early years of the conflict, England stood alone against the Reich after Nazi forces swarmed across border after border in Europe. Churchill’s defiance in the face of what seemed, at the time, an invincible Wehrmacht juggernaut earned the aristocratic, independent-minded PM his enduring reputation as one of the greatest war-time leaders in history."

But there was another side to Churchill that my good friend CELESTE BERGIN knows all about. He was an artist.

All his kit and many of his paintings can still be seen in his studio at his home, Chartwell, which lies to the south-east of London. It's open to the public and well worth a visit. And don't forget you Americans, he's half American so you have a claim :)  


  1. Wow, I had no idea that Churchill was an Artist! I knew that Hitler TRIED to be an Artist and he really resented not being very good at it - Maybe if he had been, history could have been very different! :0)

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  3. I did not know he was artist and a very good one too! John, your workshop is not anchored? Just curious!

  4. I knew he was an artist, and if I am ever in the UK I'd love to visit his studio!

  5. Hey, how cool that you gave me a "shout-out"...yes, I (along with you, my friend) am a huge Winston Churchill fan and it is just icing on the cake that he was an artist too. When I feel at sea about anything, all I have to do is read a Winston Churchill quote. He sets me right again. He was brilliant! Great Post, John! (
    Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.
    Winston Churchill


  6. So interesting, John. I didn't know WSC was a painter too !