Tuesday 14 July 2015

RAIN = Four Poster

It rained a lot and so I finished the mahogany Four Poster Bed instead of continuing to build my workshop.

I also took a rain-check (pun intended :)  ) on Saint David's Cathedral in order to paint a portrait which I hope to post in the next day or two.


  1. Beautiful wood spindle shapes - all made by you. Pretty wonderful woodworking, John. The two mattresses - are they the adjustable type?
    may you enjoy many comfortable nights under that pretty canopy.

    1. Thanks, Julie. No the mattresses are not adjustable. I'll probably never sleep in it, it's in one of the guest-rooms.

  2. Put the wonderful Four-Poster in The Workshop and you'll have a Five-Star Hotel !!!

  3. Oh wow, wonderful! The rain is keeping me busy in the house also.... with cleaning. Not so romantic as your work. ;)

  4. Very impressive woodworking John! Ellis and I would like to reserve the room for next April. We'd love to help break in the mattresses. Most charming and inviting. The rain was bad for workshops, but great for guests.

  5. What a grand bed and no doubt another family heirloom you have built John! Amazing!

  6. SO beautiful, John!!!! You are SO talented!