Monday 25 June 2018

Pot Luck

When we moved here a few years ago, the idea of a small garden (yard) was quite appealing. With my wife, Pat, physically unable to do much work, the idea of an hour or two gardening each week was great. I used to spend15-20 hours on the garden we left.

The plan was simple... cut the lawn!

As time went on we decided a flowerbed down one side of the lawn would add a touch of colour (color).

Then a flowerbed for wild flowers for the bees seemed logical; soon it was naturally seeded from wild Foxgloves and set against the ancient gorse hedge - both native plants.

I'd already built myself a workshop, we thought it would be nice to give an Austrian chalet touch with some pots of red geraniums etc.

Pat thought the geraniums and shrubs looked great so we added 60 geraniums and 20 large potted shrubs in the front garden (no photo). 

Pat liked them so much, she asked if we could have some outside the backdoor?

 Oh and some herbs (we pronounce the 'h' btw HHherbs)

Oh and some flowers in pots....

Oh, and some roses (yes, that is the Ocean in the background)...

Oh, and an island of pots ...

Oh, and some vegetables and fruit!!!


  1. What a gorgeous garden! Wouldn't mind living their! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  2. I LOVE the island of pots, and btw all the plants you've got!

    1. Thanks, Judy, I suspect many of the seeds & bulbs came from Holland

  3. I love your Island of colorful and I like how you grouped them together!
    Excellent gardening!!!!!

    1. Glad you approve, Hilda, and that you managed to find your way here!


  4. How beautiful!.
    I love flowers, beautiful pictures.

  5. An hour or two each week ? Really ?!...

  6. LOL. I can so relate to this. There's always another "Oh, and .... ". When we're enthusiastic about something there's always that one more step we can take ... and another after that. Love the garden!!

  7. Gorgeous, John! You are such a wonderful gardener - these plants are just lovely - thanks so much for posting all this beauty - I'm really enjoying it!

  8. Nice and clever garden dear John. I was very impressed of garden beauty visiting London...a different way to see gardening art that I love very much. Creative and sometime easy yet but always full of life and verve,also on houses boats that I saw in Little Venice near my daughter home. Gardeners are maybe more dare than in Italy with flowers and plants following its own ideas.