Friday, 5 August 2022

Busy, busy......BUSY

 I'm just not getting enough time to 'do' this blog, because I am really on a roll. I will just bring you up to speed as to where I am.

I saw a photo taken, I'm fairly sure, by Chuck Black, the American painter I so admire, and just had to paint it:

Patsy's Alpine Adventure

Then I fell under the influence of Tobias Brenner, the German painter I also admire, and I painted:

An Afterlife on an Ocean Wave

Then I fell under the influence of my eldest Australian Great-grandson, 'Topgun' (Logan) who wanted a painting of 'Among us red'????? After research, he got this:

Among Us Red 

Next I saw a photograph of the 'Porthcawl Wave' by Nigel Waters, which I didn't copy but it gave me a steer.

So that's five paintings in four weeks ... plus ... I was invited to exhibit in London next February!! I was flattered at the invite but turned it down as, at 84, I don't feel like shipping paintings and going to London at this stage in my career.


  1. Wow John, you are on a roll! I love the alpine one, and the ocean waves! And your grandson is so lucky to have a painting by his grandfather! I wish I had your energy. Though I'm trying to make a start painting again.
    An exhibition! What an honour! But I understand why you declined.

    1. Something didn't work, I replied to your message ... don't know where it went. Glad you liked my post, thanks for dropping in. I do hope you get back into your painting ,,, it is so much part of who you are

  2. Excellent Update, John. Thank You. You may wish to have a couple of days off, just to get your breath back. Good to hear from you (as always).

    1. Cheers, David, you really are most kind and understanding