Monday 7 January 2013


Alas ... if it had been left to me, America would have been settled a few weeks later! I got the mizzen (rear) mast totally wrong!! The problem with pen & ink is it is unforgiving... the drawing is ruined!

I'm not going to bore you with technical details, but interpreting the plans of the Susan Constant is not easy. There are mistakes in them. For example it mentions 1/46 in many places and it should be 1/96. The difficulty is increased by the variety of scales used  (1/48, 1/96, 1/192 etc), and lack of detail ... but having said all that, this is what makes the project more interesting and challenging, and keeps most people from attempting it.

So it's back to the drawing board and start again after I post this.

To put some flesh on the bones of the project, here are the photograph my daughter and Carl took of the Susan Constant replica in Jamestown, VA.

Carl and my daughter speak to a ' settler'.

For those interested, here is the passenger and crew lists of 1607:

Adling (or Adding), Henry - Gentleman
Alicock, Jeremy (or Jerome) - Gentleman
Archer, Gabriel - Captain, Gentleman
Asbie, John
Beast, Benjamin - Gentleman
Behethland (or Betheland), Robert - Gentleman
Brinto (or Brinton), Edward - Mason, Soldier
Brookes, Edward - Gentleman
Brookes, John - Gentleman
Browne, Edward - Gentleman
Brumfield, James - Boy
Bruster (or Brewster), William - Gentleman
Buckler, Andrew
Capper, John
Cassen (or Cawsen), George - Laborer
Cassen, Thomas - Laborer
Cassen, William - Laborer
Clovill, Ustis (or Eustace) - Gentleman
Collier, Samuel - Boy
Cooke, Roger - Gentleman
Couper (or Cowper), Thomas - Barber
Crofls, Richard - Gentleman
Waller, John - Gentleman
Dier (Dye), William
Dixon, Richard - Gentleman
Dods, John - Laborer, Soldier
Edward, Ould - Laborer
Emry, Thomas - Carpenter
Fenton, Robert - Gentleman
Flower, George - Gentleman
Ford, Robert - Gentleman
Frith, Richard - Gentleman
Galthorpe, Stephen - Gentleman
Garret, William - Bricklayer
Golding (or Goulding), George - Laborer
Gore, Thomas - Gentleman
Gosnold, Anthony - Gentleman
Gosnoll, Anthony - Gentleman
Gosnold, Bartholomew - Councilor, Captain
Gower, Thomas - Gentleman
Halthrop, Stephen - Gentleman
Harrington, Edward - Gentleman
Herd, John - Bricklayer
Houlgrave, Nicholas - Gentleman
Hunt, Robert - Master, Preacher, Gentleman
Walker, George - Gentleman
Jacob, Thomas - Sergant
JohnsonWilliam - Laborer
Kendall, George - Captain, Councilor
Kingston (or Kinistone), Ellis - Gentleman
Laxton, William - Carpenter
Laydon, John - Laborer, Carpenter
Loue (or Love), William - Tailor, Soldier
Martin, John - Gentleman
Martin, George - Gentleman
Midwinter, Francis - Gentleman
Morish (or Moris), Edward - Gentleman, Corporal
Morton, Mathew - Sailor
Mounslic, Thomas
Mouton, Thomas
Mullon, Richard - Boy
Pecock (or Peacocke), Nathaniel - Boy, Sailor, Soldier
Penington, John - Gentleman
Percy, George - Master, Gentleman
Pickhouse (or Piggase), Bru - Gentleman
Pising, Edward - Carpenter
Powell, Nathaniell - Gentleman
Webbe, Thomas - Gentleman
Profit, Jonas - Sailor, Fisher, Soldier
Ratcliffe, John - Captain, Councilor
Read, James - Blacksmith, Soldier
Robinson, John (or Jehu) - Gentleman
Rods (or Rodes), William - Laborer
Sands, Thomas - Gentleman
Short, John - Gentleman
Simons, Richard - Gentleman
Skot (or Scot), Nicholas - Drummer
Small, Robert - Carpenter
Smethes, William - Gentleman
Smith, John - Captain, Councilor
Snarsbrough, Francis - Gentleman
Stevenson, John - Gentleman
Studley (or Stoodie), Thomas - Gentleman
Tankard, William - Gentleman
Tavin (or Tauin), Henry - Laborer
Throgmorton, Kellam - Gentleman
Todkill, Anas - Soldier
Vnger (or Unger), William - Laborer
White, William - Laborer
Wilkinson, William - Surgeon
Wingfield, Edward Maria - Master, Councilor, President
Wotton, Thomas - Gentleman, Surgeon
A Dutchman
With diverse others, to the number of 105

Mariners and Others Known to Have Been With the Expedition that Established Jamestown on May 15, 1607

Browne, Oluver
Clarke, Charles
Collson, John - Mariner
Cotson, John - Mariner
Crookdeck, John
Deale, Jeremu
Futch, Mathew - Mariner
Genoway, Richard
Godword, Thomas
Jackson, Robert
Markham, Robert
Nellson, Francus
Poole, Jonas
Skunner, Thomas
Turnbrudge (or Turbridge), Thomas
Newport, Christopher - Captain, Councilor
Tundall, Robert - Mariner,
White, Benjamin
There were 144 persons in the expedition including those (105) who remained in Virginia.


  1. wow --what a beautiful ship. I can't even imagine how you draw these is so amazing. That you can translate it all is astonishing. It is cool to see the list of names. I'll be tuned in to see what you do next. Don't forget--we all love those in-progress "sections"!

    1. Thanks, Celeste. I'm enjoying the research as much as doing the drawing.

  2. Oh John what a bummer that your drawing is ruined!! But this time I bet you make it better than ever! :)

    1. Thanks Crystal. Many years ago my youngest son knocked a bottle of ink over a ship that had taken months to draw. I felt so sorry for him ... but after that I grew to accept that pen & ink takes no prisoners, You just accept the 'rules'and get on with it :0)

  3. Oh it's a nightmare when that happens after so much work! I remember vividly the day I put my foot through one of my bears having admitted to my self that it just wasn't working!
    No doubt you will get it spot on next time :0)

    1. It's all part of the risks we take isn't it, Sandra?

      Thanks for the sympathy though!

  4. Oh have to start over?? Bummer. Great photos here tho. That doesn't seem to be that big a ship for all those people. wow.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yes it must have been quite a squash, Cris. Toughg people in those days!

  6. I am sorry you ruined your mizzen mast, John!
    The pictures your daughter took are wonderful. What a beauty of a ship! But HOW did they cram all those people in there???

  7. Thanks Kathryn ... that's show biz!

    There were three tiny ships: Susan Constant with Master Christopher Newport and 71 passengers, Godspeed with Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold and 52 passengers and the Discovery under Capt. John Ratcliffe, carrying 21 persons. Even so ... a squash!

  8. What a beautyful boat! (or should I say ship?)

  9. Now you have me wondering if this is an actual replica right down to size? If so, a lot of people crammed onto a small space! I so admire your skills, John. Amazing your knowledge too. As much as I love the sea and boats, I don't know that I could have stood that many people for that long of a voyage on a ship this size!! LOLOL

  10. I am so sorry, John. What a beautiful ship! Amazing, the number of people aboard!

  11. I feel your pain in needing to begin again, John. It happens to me more than I care to admit, even though oil paint is so much more forgiving than pen and ink. She is quite a beautiful ship - love how she is detailed and intricately painted!

  12. So sorry to hear your drawing is spoiled John. I know how that feels when I mess up one of my little doodles so how it feels with such a complex drawing I can't imagine.
    The photo's of Susan Constant are very interesting. I've visited the replica of The Golden Hind in Brixham Harbour and I'm taken by how similar the two ships are.
    Good luck with your next drawing.

  13. I hope this blog is still active. My many times great uncle, Andrew Buckler, is listed on your passengers and crew list. Is this list for just one ship please? regards M.Buckler