Thursday 20 November 2014

My First Steps into Portraiture # 1

I started off by watching a few videos with my favourite, Will Kemp.

Colours used, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Light, Mars Black, Raw Umbra and Titanium White.

I put down a wash of Neutral Gray (grey) on old damaged canvases 

From the Colours on my limited palette I produced colour strings by mixing the colours.

This gave me a feeling of the range the palette offered. Although they would be a bit 'bright' for the subject of my first portrait which, as you can see, has a very pale complexion.

I then sketched the model onto my canvas, at which point our visitors returned.

Tomorrow we are catching the Ferry to Ireland and return: Duty Free Christmas shopping trip. It's going to be Sunday before I can paint again!


  1. Ha I recognise that model, I’m sure Emma will be happy reading the paper till you return John :).

  2. Your portrait model instantly reminds me of Mary Cassatt - or at least one of her models. I think your colors will work fabulously, John. Whites, blacks, grays...that will help tone them down more, no?

  3. Welcome back John, yes always loved Zorn's palette. So happy to see you back. Can't wait to see your next step on the portrait. You have always be an inspiration to me.

    All the best and happy Christmas shopping.


  4. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy shopping!

  5. You perfectly captured the path of light on form - what could be more important than that!
    good for you - great start.