Sunday 30 November 2014

Portrait #2 is now WIP

After a week of madness, Work is now In Progress (WIP), on my second portrait attempt.

After taking two months to get here, the carpet fitters finally arrived, and, as they do, fitted carpets throughout. This took over 2 days, but the emptying the rooms of furniture and then putting the furniture back has taken all our time.

The light here is amazing. I had heard artists talk of 'the light' and knew that Cornwall was considered the place to be with its famous Newlyn School. 

It was only when we moved here to West Wales,that I realised what was meant by 'the light'. The colours leap out at me. When it rains I can seen up to 10 rainbows during the course of a day. Because we are high up (the house is named Highview) I can see rainbows ending in the sea or in green valleys - amazing.

The skies, like the weather, are dramatic. The colours are almost unpaintable - who would believe them?

Here is a photograph taken by Ian Wright, which captures a typical Fishguard sky.

The Sky at Strumble Head, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales       by    Ian Wright
As blogland is so international, many will have see far more exotic sights ... but ... to a simple soul like me: this coast is a magical place to be. It's what I would call a Joan Sicignanos coast line (New England, US). Joan paints fantastic sea/coastscapes as you can see on this link to her blog....


  1. It is a gorgeous place, John. You are so very blessed and I love the name of your home. I wonder when naming your home went out of fashion here in the U.S. Ah well...Looking forward to seeing your next portrait!

  2. John, thank so very much for the link to my blog. You are very kind. I am so looking forward to your paintings of that beautiful location. Waiting to see your next portrait. You are an amazing artist John.

    All the best to you,

    1. You're welcome, Joan.

      Not sure when I shall start painting land/seascapes.

  3. Gorgeous photo, John! You are living in such a beautiful part of the world. There really is a difference in the light. I noticed that years ago when I did a bit of traveling - Greece so hard and strong, northern Italy soft and inviting.

    1. I'd never paid the light much attention, but it leapt out and bit me here

  4. That coastline is spectacular! You are probably considering trying your hand at painting plein air. It looks like you're in a good spot for that. Do not sweat the paintings John,. Paint a lot of starts. Starts are the most fun. They are all successful and full of promise.

  5. Plein air is on the list, Linda.

    Not sure I follow the logic of starts :0)

  6. Oh my---what a wonderful place to live! What is the population there? I had a friend whose last name is Herndon whose Mother lives in Cornwall...let me know if you meet her! (She happens to be an artist). Well, I will be waiting to see what inspires you next. By the way, L.W. referred to "starts"--the plein air crowd likes to just start a painting outdoors, with very large shapes and then start another one...(in other words, do no more than a start). It's very effective and sometimes the resulting work is better than anything one would have spent a lot of time doing. :) Congratulations on your new location!

  7. Your new spot looks pretty amazing. The sky looks a real jaw dropper and I know exactly where you are. I wonder if it has changed much over the years? Like, 50 of them!!
    Hope you will have many happy painting or drawing days there.
    I laughed at "fitted carpet" here in the US they call it "wall to wall."