Monday 14 September 2015

The OTHER blog

I haven't run away to sea, but life keeps getting in the way of art and blogging.

To make things worse/better I've started another blog to cover my new Project Fishwall.

Here's a clue:

A Linocut by

Shipwrights Yard by James Dodds RCA (1957)

Here's a link - Project Fishwall -

please leave a comment there, as the new blog feels unloved!   


  1. Lordy, you are SOOO ambitious!!! Now you are going to build a ship, and run away to sea :) And that is a very cool linocut you have at the top of this post.
    Your comments on my latest works made me smile. That skateboarder really was different, and done in record time [for me]. And I love that little gosling, too. I am working on a painting of three of them now.
    Take care, and don't toss all your toys out of the playpen!!!

  2. I'll get right on over there. I, too, have been neglecting my blogworld, due to the books! And I, too, have been working on the OTHER blog. I think I need a secretary!