Wednesday 30 September 2015

Two Years Flew by!

Two years ago 'today' a dancer in Connecticut bought the original of my drawing of Cologne Cathedral. After she had hung it she sent me a photograph of it, which was very considerate of her. I just received a reminder of the event.


  1. Wonderful to see one of your amazing drawings....
    don't you miss doing them?
    Did I just read you celebrated your anniversary of 56 years. WOW!
    Many did it right the first time!

  2. Thank you ,Julie. I don't miss doing them because I always have one in progress - still doing St David's Cathedral. I have so many things on the go, and I move from writing to drawing to painting to carpentry to what ever way the muse takes me ... never get bored! Yes 56 years married - she still introduces me as her first husband to 'keep me on my toes'!

  3. What a wonderful reminder, John!

  4. 56 YEARS, JOHN !!!

    And they said it wouldn't last !!!

    Many congratulations to both of you.

  5. that's thoughful ... all the best with your boat building john !