Sunday 26 February 2017

Louise 5 - finished

Not too happy - I don't capture the vivacious character. Can't win 'em all.

                                                     "Louise"                                John Simletrt
Oil on Stretched Linen Canvas
18 x 14 inches (45 x  35 cms)


  1. She does look serious, but it's a wonderful portrait. Hugs, Valerie

  2. I caught her working at her computer - hence no smile!

  3. Well,I think its totally wonderful! It may be the serious side of her character but the portrait is terrific - I think Velasquez would be beaming with pride!
    And many thanks, John, for the info about Lamian Pheres - its a good thing these creatures exist only in mythology and imagination!

  4. I wonder where my previous comment ended up! Somewhere floating around in cyberspace, I guess!! In any case, I find this portrait to be terrific. She seems intently focused and Velasquez would no doubt be very proud of you! And thank you, John, for the information about Lamian pheres - I just knew you would be the one to come up with the answer!

    1. So good you said it twice :) She was focused on her computer screen and therefore unaware of my 'plans'

      Thanks for your generous comments, Susan

  5. Hello John!:) Thank you for your welcome visit. I do like the way you have captured the intensity of your model's gaze, and the free brush strokes with which you executed her portrait. Nicely done John!:)

  6. Very wonderful portrait painting and chosen colours. Thanks for sharing and always stay inspired !!!

  7. Well, I don't know what she looks like in real life as to whether you captured her looks but I do love the way she looks a wee bit coy and the little Mona Lisa smile playing about her lips!