Thursday 2 March 2017

Sandra Busby!!

No, I'm not Sandra's Press Agent, but I do owe her a debt-of-gratitude.

When I first started blogging in 2012,  Sandra was the first person to 'comment' and generally support me until I got the hang of things.

The blogging buddies I met along the way were all painters, and really good ones at that. In those days I was a Pen & Ink artist (To See My Drawings Click Here). To me all you painters were magicians ... I was spellbound.

Eventually, I thought I might have a try at painting but had no idea how to go about it. Sandra, plus others, explained about fat on lean, colour (color) theory, linen versus cotton canvases etc...

Well Sandra vanished from blogland, but has reemerged elsewhere: CLICK HERE

The point to all this is not for you to join a fan-club, but for you to look at her latest posting: a video on palettes (See it HERE).

Her video has inspired me and given me an Eureka moment! I was using a glass computer table as a storage for paints & brushes. It was covered in over a year's worth of paint. Following Sandra's technique I had it looking brand new in a couple of minutes. I now have the biggest glass palette in the whole universe(ish).

Here it is in place:

This inspired me to clean my studio out ... I do this every two years, if it needs it or not :)

The Painting Area

The the Pen & Ink area

The Refuelling point!!

When I'm not painting I'm a writer/editor ...

... for which I need plenty of reference data.

Similarly I need Art reference, which is tucked behind the easel. I mix my mediums here too.

And finally a little area for planning my boat-building:

This turned into a marathon posting, although not as long as the 'cleaning up the studio' marathon!


  1. Well John, once again you have really made me chuckle! I am so glad that I was able to inspire a new idea and what a fabulous one you had! You are right, it is indeed the biggest glass palette in the entire Galaxy! I can't possibly be nearly as smug as I was about my own version! Thank you so much for the ginormous mention! I suppose I did disappear from blog land, but I think it was because I was just posting finished paintings and really who wants to visit a blog just to see that! I am having so much fun with the new blog since I moved it and I'm trying to share lots of cool tips so that visitors get something out of it too. Actually my very latest post is all about motivation and one of the points I made was to do with cleaning out the studio but it looks like you have done a wonderful job already and you certainly don't need any motivation! You continue to inspire John! Thanks again! 😊😊😊

  2. WOW! What a palette. Good for you, John. Hope it gives you many creative mark-making sessions inside that really tidy and well organized studio.
    I enjoyed visiting Sandra's site. Wonderful painter.

  3. A perfect space just right for all your creative endeavors!

    1. That's the hope ... but I prefer organised chaos! :)

  4. Looks great, but every too years? Isn't that a bit much? Hugs, Valerie

  5. Nice visit your studio...often I mix my colors directly on my white desk, on porcelain palettes, on paper sheet to perfect control of watercolor mix before painting:Sometime also in regular palette is rarely but it can happen!You are a myth also for this perfect setting studio, for all your arts and skills!!!

  6. If you use your desk, rita, then I know I must be onto a good idea; you being such a brilliant painter.

  7. Well, I have some serious studio envy here :) What a perfect set-up, John!! And Sandra has been an inspiration to so many - me, too. Lovely post, John!


    1. I'm very lucky, Kathryn, thanks for dropping in.

  8. I suffer from studio envy as well! What a great room! And I love Sandra's paintings and her inspirational new website.