Tuesday 4 June 2013

Painting #16

Here I am, 9 weeks and 16 paintings into learning how to paint. I finished this about 2 hours ago.

This one is going to a new home in Oxfordshire to join #14 & #15 
               Geisha (1800)    John Simlett
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
32 inches x 12 inches
(81 cms x 30 cms)



  1. John, these are wonderful! Congratulations on the sale of these paintings!!!

  2. Waouh ! Beautiful painting, John ! I love the pink flower effect on the kimono.

  3. This is SO amazing, John!!! The flowers on the kimono is absolutely perfect!!!! What a nice piece....Congratulations on selling this...

  4. oh my--I do love it! wonderful!

  5. 16 paintings in 9 weeks? Some Artists don't get that many done in a year!!! Amazing!! :0)

  6. Line and beautiful color...perfect for your skills.
    Are you making prints of these? Should do!

  7. They are all so beautiful, John! Congratulations on the sales!

  8. Congratulations on your painting skills and all of your sales! How wonderful!

  9. Dear John, preparations of various species, and a travel to Warsaw, have made the rarest my comments.
    Your artistic work with the colors, took a brilliant way that I see grow, painting for painting, from number to number!
    The beautiful elegance of these works of oriental style is the natural continuation of your work in pen and ink.
    There is nothing that you not be able to do and do really well!
    My compliments... and I'm sure, as always, you can do all that, in joy, along with your wonderful family!