Saturday 1 June 2013

Up! Up! and Away

We have just returned from a reunion with my old Squadron. They have just been reformed with a brand new aircraft....

The Voyager KC30 aircraft. of 10 Squadron RAF
We were shown around one that had been delivered 24 hours earlier and it smelt exactly like a new car! It was interesting to note that one of the Deputy Commanders is female as is the Chief Engineer. No reason why this should not be the case, but it is pleasing to see equality operating.

We were wined and dined for two days and had a great time.

Unrelated to our reunion: I'm amazed to report that in my 8th week of learning to paint I have just sold the 3 Japanese paintings I have just completed. Also a print of one of them and a canvas of the high heel shoes!

Here is Painting #15 ...sold in 12 hours of finishing!
                                                              "The Reader"                                      John Simlett
14 inches x 10 inches
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Painting #16 is still at the printers ... but is sold! 

I'm not trying to boast but sharing the totally unexpected consequence to learning to paint with your support and encouragement ... many thanks  guys!


  1. What a wonderful painting, and huge congrats on the success with them and just painting in general! I love this style and beautiful colors, but also love the look style and your work, (like "Flower Power")! :)

  2. Congratulations on your sales, John! The Japanese paintings are really amazing! Beautiful colours!

  3. You have every right to boast! Congratulations, John! And your reunion sounds like so much fun.

  4. Congratulations! You must have some Japanese ancestry, you're so adept at this style. Keep knocking them out of the ballpark. They're a winner--nice to have stumbled across your cup of tea in just eight weeks. Definitely a man on fire.

  5. Well congratulations on all those sales!! So well deserved my good guvnah! Don't ever think you're boasting, you're among friends and we are proud of you and happy for you!! And your reunion does sound like it was a great time.

  6. well done on your sales john must be pleased

  7. That is so very exciting and encouraging, John! And feel free to shout it from the mountain top here - we all know the feeling of doing... ok, wanting to do... cartwheels when something sells. Applauding you from this side of the pond!

  8. You have all the rights to boast, John. This is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations on selling it! I certainly see why it was sold so fast!!! Outstanding piece, my friend!!!!

  9. Congratulations John - I am so pleased for you! I only wish I had your marketing experience, lol! :0)