Tuesday 12 November 2013


My darling Granddaughter, Lauren, gets married in April to Leroy. They spend every spare moment Surfing or Fishing, off the Coast of Cornwall.

Leroy wanted a Pen & Ink drawing of a European Sea-bass and I have just finished it ... not sure I want to draw any more fish !!

I was going to use a Pun and say that this drawing is to scale ... but I won't, as it isn't that funny! (chuckle)

We spent Remembrance Sunday at a Pig Farm in the wilds of North East Yorkshire. Here my Squadron flew Halifax bombers in World War 2, when the farm was RAF Station Melbourne. 

The average age of the aircrew then was 22, and over the 3 years they were here, one out of every three crews were killed. 

Because World War 2 started for Britain in 1939, many other nationalities, such as Americans, Australians, Canadian (a lot of these) volunteered to join the RAF, and many ended up on 10 Squadron. So we were remembering them too, as part of our special 'family'.

10 Squadron is always known as 'Shiny Ten' and this is reflected in the memorial.

We turned up at 10 in the morning, last Sunday. The oldest were 92 and the youngest 6 months. We paraded our Association Standard (our colours). Here the escort were Tom and Doug, both 92 and from the same Halifax Bomber crew. Doug, nearest the camera, was the pilot (DSO, DFC & bar)

Number 10 Squadron is still operating, and currently flying  the new 'Voyager' Airbus down South in Oxfordshire, mainly flying to Afghanistan these days. They sent a detachment together with the Commanding Officer and the Colour Party

We gathered around the Memorial and Remembered our fallen Brothers-in-Arms.

There was no aircraft available for a Fly-Past, but last year they flew over a VC10 on which I have 5000+ flying hours

We then went to the pub that the War Time Crews used - The Plough in the village of Allerthorpe. It is stuffed full of the wartime memorabilia of 10 Squadron.

The years rolled back and soon we were ALL there and had a ball. We ended with the Loyal Toast, and took a few moments to say goodbye to our 'mates' and they went back to their rest and we went back home.

Lest We Forget

I took a moment to toast my 'baby' brother Colin, who died a year ago almost to the day. He would have been of great use in the Philippines at the moment, hanging from the helicopter and saving them from the sea - the job he did for over 25 years in the Royal Navy.

Colin Simlett 1948 - 2012
Helicopter Crewman Royal Navy


  1. Wonderful Post, John.

    Will remember Colin (R.I.P.) in my Daily Prayer List.

    in Domino

  2. A wonderful tribute to all the military. I cannot believe it is a year already since Colin passed - as you know full well, he will never be forgotten.When they live in your heart... it is forever.

    1. Thanks Julie and condolences on the loss of your freind

  3. Lovely fish, John, good to see you back! In Holland the 4th of May is Remembrance Day, always good to remember.

    1. Ours is on the Sunday nearest the 11th. On that day on the 11th hour in 1918, World War One ended.

  4. Lovely post John. So sorry to hear about your brother. He was clearly a brave man...
    I had to kick myself for laughing at your (yes - terrible) pun! ;0)
    But your drawing is amazing!

    1. Thanks Grandma :0) bet you can'y wait! So exciting for you!

  5. Colin is quite handsome, John! Please accept my sympathies...

    Love the fish drawing for your soon-to-be grandson-in-law.

  6. Yes, a wonderful tribute John. This Yank thanks you for your service then--and your fish story now. What was the scale? Colin was quite the looker with those dimples and shy smile. God bless you and yours.

    PS: I spent the day at your Esty store. You did a very nice job. It looks great.

  7. Thanks for this Linda. Glad you liked the etsy shop, I want to do a lot more with it when I have the time.

  8. So sorry about your brother, Colin. ....I think of him as quite young! Your drawing (as always) is perfection.

  9. What a beautiful tribute to the Military, John.. A very moving post. Your brother was a very handsome man and he died too young!! and your sketch of the fish is ...as always ... outstanding....!!