Wednesday 6 November 2013

Rehabilitation into Blogland

I'm trying to get back into art and blogging after the most busy time in the last million years.

I'm now a great grandfather: Daisy-Morgan was born last week. But great grandchildren are like London Buses: you wait for ages and then two arrive together ... the next is due next April. So our little clan is now into 4 generations!

The original of Cologne Cathedral is now hanging in Connecticut, US. It was bought by an American dancer/ballerina who was kind enough to photograph it hanging in her collection.

I am massively into research of some very old sailing ships, which I hope to produce as a series (pen & ink).

Missed you all! Will try to visit you ASAP ... make sure the coffee is on! 


  1. How wonderful to hear from an old friend.

    Welcome back to Blogland, John, and many congratulations on the Blessings of Daisy-Morgan and another to come in April.

    Cologne Cathedral. How beautiful. Be still my heart !!!

    The coffee is on. Speak soon.

    in Domino

  2. Congratulations!! Wow! Welcome back - I've put on the coffee. I've been missing in action since September myself. Staging my comeback too, and hoping I stay this time. Sometimes life makes navigating this virtual nirvana difficult. I need a very old virtual sexton and sailing ship, which I look forward to you producing.

  3. SO nice to see you´re back! Congratulations on the grandchild! Must be a huge feeling to become a granddad! Wishing you all the best, see you soon!

  4. Congratulations John! I am also to be Grandmother in April! I can hhardly believe it! It's very exciting!
    It's good to see you back on your blog too :0)

  5. Lucky new owner of that wonderful ink drawing! Congratulations on the new children...children are such a blessing! It is great to have you back..I take my coffee

  6. Congratulations, John, great grandfather, wow! Glad to see you back, coffee is on!

  7. This piece looks beautiful, John. She has it framed and matted perfectly. Congratulations on being a Great Grandpa!!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS greatgrandpapa!!! SO excited for you .. Coffee is definitely on John...Miss you!!!