Friday 8 November 2013

Pen & Ink Competition

I have just put my drawing of Cologne Cathedral in a small online Competition - if you want to vote for it, feel free ;0)


  1. This is one unbelievably fine and detailed drawing!!!
    I am so happy you are back, John. And now I am off to vote for your work. :)
    Kathryn xx

  2. Congratulations great grandpa! I'd vote, but where?

  3. So many hours must have gone into this piece. It really is gorgeous, John.

  4. Wow. Your work is so detailed and striking. Will be off to vote :)

  5. Good to see you back and blogging again, it's the same with me, never enough time. Congratulations and I just voted for your piece in the competition. Best of luck.

  6. Hi John.
    all I can and must say is, Brilliant to this drawing. also, fantastic. all the best John.
    P.S. John, I would vote for your drawing but i don`t belong to facebook. I did at one time, but couldn`t get along with it. All the best with it.