Wednesday 3 December 2014

Portrait #3

This is the 3rd Portrait I've attempted, and painting #40 since I first picked up a brush and covered the house, me and my clothes in paint.

This one is better than this photo, but, nevertheless

'In the Ring'                 John Simlett
Acrylic on Canvas  (14 inches x 10 inches)

I'm quite pleased with it.

 It's alla prima which is, as you know, difficult with acrylics which dry so quickly. As I go on I'm beginning to use mediums, water spray etc, which makes wet on wet with acrylics a bit easier.

   I'm also beginning to get my head around base mixes and glazes.

Probably try one of my lovely granddaughter, Lauren, next.


  1. Beautiful portrait, John!!! I love her expression...awesome shadows .. I'm really looking forward to Lauren's portrait!!

  2. Hi John, i need to revisit your blog-die some rain i have missed all the paintings you've been doing and if they're anything like this-we'll this is fabulous!

  3. Love did a wonderful job!

  4. Congratulations, John, for this portrait so expressive. Looking at your brilliant results, managing acrylic color and its auxiliaries is a challenge where you are winner.

  5. Try the Open Acrylics. Much easier to use.
    You better re-write or re-think your "pen and ink artist" line at bottom. Seems to me you have expanded nicely.

  6. The (Golden) Open Acrylics sometimes seem to dry peculiarly. I do mix Titanium White Open with Titanium White Full Bodied, which gives it a longer wet life. I'm also experimenting with mixing in Golden Acrylic Fluid.

    Thanks for the advise though